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Holiday Gift Guide - Home Business Magazine features the Bearback Dog Scratcher

Here is an easy way to give your pet pets! Bearback’s Dog Scratcher & Grooming Toy has an extendable handle that gives you the ability to scratch standing or sitting. The handle extends from 21” to 30”. In addition, 3” long flexible teeth help minimize tangles and minimizes shedding. Bearback’s Dog Scratcher & Grooming Toy removes dirt and other particles stuck in dogs’ fur.Home Business Magazine

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Bearback Scratcher on

A Scorpio will always understand the power of a good exfoliator — and this one from Bearback, according to upwards of 4,000 reviews, isn't only good — it's great. Not only does this nifty, sturdy back scratcher-cum-exfoliator get into those hard-to-reach spots for toe-curling satisfaction, but it's also foldable and waterproof, helps with dry skin itchies, and can aid blood circulation. “This Bearback is just perfect,” says one 5-star review. “The size of the head, the firm but not scratchy fingers, the folding handle — oh, just buy it. I’m going to buy one for everyone I love AND one for everyone I hate because they just need a good scritchy-scritch on their backs and they’ll be good people.” We concur.

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Bearback Scratcher in Rolling Stone

Equipped with bristles, this 17-inch back scratcher is gentle to use on your back and helps take care of itchy skin. You can also use this back scratcher to improve your circulation and give yourself a skin massage, thanks to its exfoliating bristles. We also love this back scratcher for its ergonomic handle and hinged design that allows you to find the ideal angle. 

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Bearback Scratcher in StyleCraze

The Bearback Back Scratcher feels gentle on the skin and tough on itches. It comes with flexible and gentle bristles that feel good even on the most sensitive skin types. It has bear knuckles for targeted itch and relief of pressure points. This lightweight tool features a long handle to relieve any itching with ease. The retractable design reduces the back scratcher to a size that is easy for storage and traveling. The product is coated in a luxurious matte finish and looks elegant.

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