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Bearback Back & Body Care System in Apartment Therapy

Self-care means something different to everyone. When many hear the phrase, images of spa days and expensive skincare come to mind. For me, it’s a combination of putting aside time for both mental and physical care through things meditation, exercise, and yes, skincare (it is your biggest organ, after all). Naturally, as a beauty lover and shopping writer, I’m constantly on the hunt for great beauty products — and when I say great products, I mean it. So many products in the beauty industry can feel too much like a trendy “of the moment” buy that down the line is, frankly, unnecessary. So when I come across a find that really makes a positive difference in my self-care routine, I want to proclaim my love for it with the same passion as Christian does for Satine in “Moulin Rouge” (what can I say, I’m a romantic at heart). My latest find that has me ready to risk it all? The Bearback 4-in-1 self-care tool.

Designed to scratch, exfoliate, massage, and moisturize those hard-to-reach spots, this handy little tool is a self-care powerhouse. Featuring a 17-inch handle (which also extends from 9.5-inches and folds for easy storage), the Bearback is designed to work with four interchangeable attachments that help target a myriad of skin and body concerns: a back scratcher, dry brush, massage roller, and lotion roller. Simply pop on the right attachment and get to work targeting everything from your itchy back to your dry legs with ease.

Now, let me tell a story about how incredibly handy this tool came in earlier this summer. After a day at the beach, I got home, took a shower, and realized something awful: I was burnt . . . badly (Always make sure you’re handing your friend the right bottle of sunscreen or you will suffer the consequences.) As someone who lives alone, I was panicking thinking about how on Earth I’d get enough burn lotion on my back without hurting myself — that is until I remembered the Bearback. In two seconds I popped on the lotion roller and was able to properly treat my burn, painlessly (Safe to say those 2000+ Amazon reviewers were on to something). Since then, I’ve used it to properly dry brush my entire body pre-shower, lotion up post-shower, and to help relax tight muscles after an especially long day. Needless to say, I rarely go a day without using it.

The Bearback lotion applicator starts at $25 and also comes in a backscratcher, exfoliator, and massager variety. Looking to collect all the attachments? You can pick up each attachment separately for the complete package (Trust me, you’ll want them all). One thing’s for sure — I know what I’m gifting my self-care-obsessed friends this holiday season.