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Top Gifts for Animal Lovers (The Rebel Chick) Featuring the Bearbark Dog Scratcher

BEARBARK – DOG SCRATCHER & GROOMING TOY!   The bearbark is a fun new way to play and interact with your best friend. It’s like a back scratcher for your pet – only better! You won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty or throwing your back out the next time your dog begs for a belly scratch! Whether you are sitting or standing, the bearbark’s long extendable handle allows you to easily reach your pet. They will love the attention and the blissful scratching feeling! For grooming & shedding While your pet will love being scratched, you’ll love that the bearbark helps to control shedding and to remove dirt or other particles trapped in his/her fur while also helping to...

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Bearback Lotion Applicator in Parade

When there's no one there to scratch their back, check out this lotion applicator for back and body. Made and sold by an American-owned small business, this premium long handled applicator is great for reaching that spot on your back that's, well, unreachable!

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Your skincare routine *just* got a lot easier. Picture this: You just got out of the shower and are slathering your body in an ultra hydrating moisturizer. Legs and arms? Check. Face? Check. Back? Well ... reaching the back of your body is easier said than done. You could contort your body to apply lotion, but you could run the risk of pulling your shoulder. And, let's face it, enlisting a friend or roommate to help is a tad awkward. But thanks to Bearback's applicator, you don't have to leave your back as dry as the Sahara.

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Bearback Back & Body Care System in Scrubs Magazine

The bearback Back and Body Care System makes it easy to put your comfort and skincare first. Thanks to its convenient design and multiple attachments, you can scratch, pamper, moisturize, and relax your often neglected, hard-to-reach spots. Choose from a lotion roller, massager, dry brush, and scratcher! If you’re searching for a simple place to start on your self-care journey, look no further than the tool that does it all from bearback!

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