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Bearback Scratcher on

A Scorpio will always understand the power of a good exfoliator — and this one from Bearback, according to upwards of 4,000 reviews, isn't only good — it's great. Not only does this nifty, sturdy back scratcher-cum-exfoliator get into those hard-to-reach spots for toe-curling satisfaction, but it's also foldable and waterproof, helps with dry skin itchies, and can aid blood circulation.

“This Bearback is just perfect,” says one 5-star review. “The size of the head, the firm but not scratchy fingers, the folding handle — oh, just buy it. I’m going to buy one for everyone I love AND one for everyone I hate because they just need a good scritchy-scritch on their backs and they’ll be good people.” We concur.