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Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Tools and Toys - the Bearback Pet Scratcher

What’s to love: I kind of laughed when I first saw this. It looks like a giant back scratcher or small garden tool. But my dog loves it and is definitely getting more pets and scratches. What does it do: The scratcher is made with an aluminium handle that extends from 21 to 30 inches and a plastic five-inch wide scratching head with flexible tines. It can be useful for those with trouble bending down to pet their dog or if the dog is dirty and still needs pets. While this is probably best for larger dogs because the scratching head is large, my dachshund thinks it is perfect for back scratches while he lies at my feet when I sit out...

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Bearback Back & Body Care System in Home Business Magazine

Do not struggle with back and body self-care.  Bearback puts it all within reach and helps solve your back and body therapeutic care needs. The Bearback Ultimate Self-Care Bundle includes a gorgeous matte black bearback handle with all four bearback attachments. As a result, you practice self-care at home and in the home office with ease and style. Enjoy gentle skin invigorating bliss with the Scratcher.  Secondly, easily apply lotions, medications, and sunscreen with the Lotion Roller.  Thirdly, roll away muscle tension with the Massage Roller.  Finally, enjoy softer and smoother skin by brushing away dull flaky skin cells with the Dry Brush.  All attachments can be effortlessly swapped.

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Bearback on ABC Utah

Bearback is a tool that is an all in one lotion applicator, massager, back scratcher, & shower brush. From sunscreen on a sunny day to moisturizer after a hot shower, get those hard to reach places with the help of Bearback and their Lotion Roller attachment!

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Bearback Back & Body Care System on The Today Show

This unique tool will give her a spa day every day. Mom-owned business Bearback created this 4-in-1 tool, which can be used a a back scratcher, a massager, or to apply lotion or exfoliate as a dry brush. It can be used everywhere from her legs to her back, and the convenient collapsible design means she can take it anywhere. One reviewer even called it the Rolls Royce of back scratchers.

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Bearback Lotion Applicator in BeautyNewsNYC

Whether outside working out, running, at the beach, or simply basking this season, you’ll want sunscreen protection. Bearback is an ingenious devise that enables you to roll sunscreen on your own back and/or the back of your legs with an extender, rendering it easier when you’re alone or sparing you the embarrassment of asking friends to rub sunscreen on your back (if that’s an issue). It opens and folds back up, and comes with two clean-able rollers for the sunscreen of your choice. Easily washable and portable, this is one of those obvious, why-didn’t-I-think-of-this new products; it has a 2-year warranty and ultra-premium construction quality that is designed to last.

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