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Parents Gifts You'll Love: Nashville Parent Magazine

Encourage self-care at home with the strong Bearback handle plus four attachments: a scratcher, a massage roller; a dry brush and a lotion roller. Sit back and “Ahhhh.” Is there ever a time that you don’t want a little pampering? Take care of each other with a simple pre-bed routine.Read the full article here:  Nashville Parent

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The Today Show: Best Gifts of 2022

Instead of trying to contort their bodies to hit those hard-to-reach spots, this Bearback bundle makes it easy to take care of an itch. It comes with a handle and four different attachments including a lotion roller and massage roller. Shop TODAY editor Rebecca Brown says she had no idea how much she'd love using this. "It does wonders on the back—gets those places that are perpetually neglected. I use it all over before jumping in the shower and it’s my favorite quick self-care routine," she

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Bearback Back & Body Care System on Arizona Family News CBS 5

Stocking stuffers for personal care and wellnessDon't you hate trying to put lotion on your back and no one is there to help you?  Well the Bearback Lotion Roller will help you put the lotion on!  The reusable foam rollers allow you to apply lotion to your back or your lower legs.  It's around $25 and is available at and at Amazon and Walmart.  This is a useful product and it comes with some heads: scratcher, lotion applicator, massage roller, and a dry brush.

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Bearback Lotion Applicator and Bearback Dry Brush in Rethink Beautiful

Winter Skincare Must-Haves:We know applying lotion is the best way to combat dry skin, but some parts of our body are challenging to reach. Here is where Bearback comes in! The roller’s handle expands from 9-17 inches and features an ergonomic curve and non-slip grip, so you can easily apply moisturizing products to all the hard-to-reach places.Bearback also carries this extendable brush that features gentle bristles to help remove flaky cells and dull skin from the body. The brush can also be removed from the handle and used as a handheld.

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