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Gifts to Bring Smiles to All Your Favorites: The River Journal features the Bearback Back & Body Care System

Fall and winter weather tend to take a toll on skin and bearback has you covered! Their breakthrough lotion applicator gets those hard-to-reach places and is convenient to use all over! The bearback Lotion Roller makes it easy to apply lotions and creasm on difficult-to-reach places! Including lotions, medications, CBD, oil, self-tan, sunscreen, etc. This handy accessory is just one of four attachments as it transforms into the ultimate modern day back scratcher, massager, dry brush, and moisturizer.Read the full article here:  River Journal Online

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What You Should Know About Dry Brushing

The centuries old practice of dry brushing has become a very popular self-care technique within recent years - and with good reason:  Dry Brushing is a relaxing self-care ritual that delivers a range of health and wellness benefits.  In order to receive the full benefit of this practice, there are certain guidelines that should be followed which are described here.

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