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What You Should Know About Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing is a centuries old therapeutic practice that has been enjoyed by many cultures around the world. The primary purpose of dry brushing is to cleanse and beautify the skin; however, there are multiple benefits that practitioners claim to receive, including:


  1. stress relief / relaxation

  2. skin exfoliation

  3. increased circulation

  4. increased energy

  5. elimination of toxins

  6. cellulite reduction

  7. lymphatic system stimulation


Dry Brushing is a popular treatment option at modern day spas; however, this is something you can easily practice at home in only a few minutes! All you'll need is a high quality natural fiber brush with a long handle and stiff, coarse fibers. By rubbing the brush over your body in a series of recommended patterns, the fibers will remove dead skin cells and begin a process of healthful rejuvenation.


Here's a recommend approach to enjoying an effective and therapeutic dry brushing session:


1. Choose a quiet and peaceful space. Allow your dry brushing experience to be a time for mindfulness and relaxation.

2. Start at your feet and work your way upward.

2. Brush your skin with a wide, clockwise, circular motion.

3. Be sure to adjust pressure based on the sensitivity of your skin in a given area.

4. After completing your lower body, begin brushing your arms. Start at your wrists, and begin brushing upward toward your shoulders.

5. Be sure to rinse your brush and allow it to air dry after each use, and clean it with warm soapy water on a weekly basis.

You may want to take a shower after dry brushing in order to wash away the dry skin; furthermore, moisturizing your skin afterward is highly recommended.


While there is little conclusive science to back up some of the claims of dry brushing practitioners - particularly those around lymphatic cleansing, toxin elimination, and cellulite reduction - there is plenty of evidence that dry brushing provides a great deal of benefit. In particular, the benefits of exfoliation will be profound. Your skin will be softer and smoother through the elimination of dry dead cells. Moreover, the ritual of dry brushing can be a calming process that helps to combat stress and provide an energetic lift to your day.

There are many great dry brush choices on the market. We highly recommend the Bearback Dry Brush as it provides an all natural high quality boar bristle brush paired with a 17" ergonomically curved handle. The handle collapses into a more compact position for close-in use (and for storage), and the brush itself can be removed and replaced with other Bearback accessories - for example, the Bearback Lotion Applicator for total body moisturizing after your dry brushing session is complete.