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Diabetes and Back Scratching

Rick Hendrick
WXFX, 95.1 the Fox
Stadium voice for the Montgomery Biscuits

I almost didn't order this due to so many disappointments with this type of device -- I am SO glad I finally did. It not only works -- it is pretty much saving my sanity. BACKGROUND: Diabetes causes very dry skin, and I am elderly -- dry skin is a given anyhow. My skin is also very fragile, very thin. Throw in fibromyalgia that any kind of harsh contact can set off -- and you get my situation. The dryness of my skin caused my back to itch till I thought I'd lose my mind. Dermatologists couldn't do anything to help. Their creams did nothing. I was cursed with a maddening itch that would start and then spread all over my back. I also suffer from bad arthritis, and I could not reach the places that itched. For over TWO DECADES, I have dealt with this. I would have some days that would be ok, but the rest -- just a horrible and maddening itch. Regular backscratchers did NOT work. They were brutal and hard and tore my skin. The bristles on this new type of backscratcher don't hurt me at all. They are gentle on my skin. And the itching stops in seconds with a good scratch -- it doesn't continue for days and days. I don't think anybody who hasn't had this experience can understand what a blessing this is. I'm so grateful to the maker of this and am telling everyone I've met who has a condition like I have.

Carla Martin-Wood
Amazon Customer
FINALLY, something that works!