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Looking for a slightly different take on the traditional back scratcher? With its unique folding design and attractive style, the Bearback Back Scratcher is a solid choice for anyone looking to get rid of annoying itches. Instead of teeth, this scratcher’s head sports a number of oversized bristles to provide a comprehensive yet comfortable way to deal with scratches. Working the brush all over your body, in addition to your back, delivers a pleasant sensation that benefits your skin through exfoliation and improved circulation.

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What's great about it: With soft bristles and a smooth, ergonomic handle, this innovative back scratcher excels at achieving the perfect angle and leverage. It relieves the itch without being too hard or too soft. Made with tough plastic parts and a grippy handle, it measures 17 inches when fully extended, so you'll be able to reach any itch. Plus, the bristles feel amazing on your skin, according to fans. You can fold it down to make it more compact and throw it right in your bag or backpack. What fans say: "Best scratcher I have ever used. Not too rough and not too soft. Also great for travel with the folding feature. I highly [recommend] it."

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