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Back & Body Scratcher
Back & Body Scratcher
Back & Body Scratcher
Back & Body Scratcher
Bearback Back & Body Scratcher beautiful design
Back & Body Scratcher
Back & Body Scratcher
Back & Body Scratcher

Back & Body Scratcher

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Enjoy ultra-satisfying skin invigorating bliss with the premium back & body scratcher

If you have itchy skin or simply enjoy the sensation of scratching, the bearback is for you. The bearback is safe enough for the most sensitive skin but feels amazing on your entire body.

“Not to be dramatic, but this is the back scratcher of all back scratchers”


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  • Tough on Itches + Gentle on Skin
    Dozens of flexible bristles satisfy the itchiest skin while providing a stimulating, exfoliating massage. 

  • Premium Quality & Beautiful Design
    While conventional scratchers are flimsy and break after a few uses, the bearback sports a durable sturdy construction. It was also designed to look great on your desk or nightstand. The entire product is coated in a luxurious soft-touch matte finish.

  • Designed for Use on Bare Skin
    Enjoy it on your back, arms, legs...wherever you need relief!  In addition to enjoying the therapeutic bliss of skin invigoration, you'll also benefit from exfoliation and improved circulation.
  • Perfect Size and Shape
    The folding handle extends to 17" and collapses to 9.5".  The Bristled scratching head is 4.5" wide. The ergonomic curve enables you to apply the perfect amount of pressure. The comfortable non-slip grip feels great in your hand. 

  • Part of a Complete Back & Body Self-Care System!
    The Scratcher head can be easily removed and interchanged with a full line of available Bearback Attachments - including an easy to use Lotion Applicator, an exfoliating Dry Brush, and a therapeutic Massage Roller. 
  • 2 Year Warranty
    We are radically committed to your satisfaction: If you ever have a problem due to materials or workmanship, we'll replace it!