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Top Gifts for Animal Lovers (The Rebel Chick) Featuring the Bearbark Dog Scratcher


The bearbark is a fun new way to play and interact with your best friend. It’s like a back scratcher for your pet – only better! You won’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty or throwing your back out the next time your dog begs for a belly scratch!

Whether you are sitting or standing, the bearbark’s long extendable handle allows you to easily reach your pet. They will love the attention and the blissful scratching feeling!

For grooming & shedding

While your pet will love being scratched, you’ll love that the bearbark helps to control shedding and to remove dirt or other particles trapped in his/her fur while also helping to minimize tangles.

Quality construction & thoughtful design

Sturdy, smudge-free aluminum handle extends from 21″ to 30″ enabling you to reach your pet with ease from any angle. The pliable 5″ wide scratching head has 3″ long flexible “teeth” that are gentle, yet feel amazing! 

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