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Best Back Lotion Applicators to Moisturize Hard-to-reach Areas: Bearback Featured in PinkVilla

Applying lotions, creams, moisturizers, gels, ointments, and other products to hard-to-reach areas of your body like back and feet might be a troublesome task. But with the best back lotion applicators, everything sounds so effortless. Their therapeutic effectiveness is simply unsurpassed, and their versatility unbeatable. You can not only use one to apply lotions but also treat them as a massager. Another impressive aspect — they come in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs. Some are flexible, adjustable, foldable, and extendable whereas, some are sturdy, and curved offering maximum coverage. Talking about their heads — you can find swivel rotating rollers as well as non-absorbent pads with textured surfaces.

Well, the list of their goodness, construction, design, specifications, and quality goes on and hence we would like you to run through all of them at a gradual pace. So, roll your eyes over to first acquaint yourself with what exactly a lotion applicator is and how it works. 

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